My Services

Our Objective

Our main objectives are to improve and sustain health and wellbeing & rebuilding relationships with a taste of Nigerian Igbo heritage and culture.

The Benefits

We aim to improve participant’s wellness, self-confidence, fitness, but importantly, to provide an enabling environment that fosters calm, self-expression, & fun. Permit yourself to live again and again, and enjoy the process.

Live Online Sessions

We are open for counselling weekday evenings and weekends from 6.00pm to 9.00pm Monday to Friday or on Saturday 11.00am to 3.00pm.  


Amazin Music

Enjoy the best of Amazin Ijeoma’s praise, worship and highlife.


Dance4Health Wellness & Therapy

We hold one to one dance classes during the evenings and weekends in the form of cultural dance-exercises and other activities to encourage adults, siblings, friends, parent and children bonding.


Counselling & Therapy

OPoH (My Oasis Of Calm)

OPoH is a counselling service which offers confidential, professional assistance and a range of skills to meet the needs of our clients, without discrimination. We understand diversity and value individual differences and welcome clients from all backgrounds, cultures and belief systems. OPoH is also a non-denominational service also offering Christian counselling based on the biblical approach.


Faith Based Counselling & Mentoring

We offer provide faith based counselling, cutting accross diverse backgrounds, culture, creed and belief. Christian Counselling, rooted in biblical principles.

One on One Sessions


We are a self-referral service which means that we only take bookings from the person who is seeking counselling and therapy. We ask for a referral letter from the community mental health teams for those currently being supported by secondary care services.  Please contact us. We work with adults and young people (defined as 16 +).

Dance4health Wellness

In addition to one to one counselling, we also provide, we have a traditional dance4healthwellness initiative carved out as part of our counselling service to help our clients get through their challenges. For those interested in some active and wellness activities, please contact us for more information.

Terms & Conditions apply

Cancellations made within 7 days of the session will incur a full fee. However, sessions can be rescheduled up until 48 hours before the session free of charge. To reschedule a session within 48 hours, clients must request for rescheduling (change of session date or time) in writing for new session via email and depending on availability, rebooking request will be accommodated.” Where 3 sessions are missed consecutively, counsellor/therapist reserves the right to terminate the agreement . Booked sessions are non-refundable.

We make music, we make movies and we develop artists. We support artists with producing their music videos to high standard.

AmazePaul Production


Do you have questions, want to book a counselling, therapy, dance, live show, to promote your brand, or collaborate with us? Please reach out, and let’s make it happen.