Media Production

Music Production


 Paul and Amazin' founded AmazePaul Production Studios in 2011. The studio initially started with sound/music production, but quickly went into video production with increasing demand. 

Films and Videos


We make music, we make movies and we develop artists. We support artists with producing their music videos to high standard.

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The focus of our studio is and always has been to provide our students with a place of practice – whatever that means to them. We are a place of serenity, faith, strength, and even just a place to reflect. Each of our classes brings a focus to being still and being quiet; living in a bustling city we all need a place to decompress.  

Our Movie Scene


Our passion and commitment from the talented team at AmazePaul Production Studios has given us the experience needed to deliver this drama movie. The team is made up of movie directors, script writers, actors, cinematographers, sound engineers, camera and boom operators.