The Dance


 Dance4health, The African Approach To Fitness is a dance group that is open to the community with the aim of promoting the Family Unit and marketing its goodies.

Our Aim


We aim to provide an exciting and safe environment for all individuals of all ages to learn new dance routines while perfecting their performance skills.  

Our Objective


 Our main objectives are to improve and sustain health and wellbeing & rebuilding relationships with a taste of Nigerian Igbo heritage and culture. 

The Benefits


 We aim to improve participant’s wellness, self-confidence, fitness, but importantly, to provide an environment where to have fun and meet new friends. 

Dance Classes


We hold one to one dance classes during the evenings and weekends in the form of cultural dance-exercises and other activities to encourage parent and children bonding.  

Community Impact


Dance4Health helps to deal with current societal issues around gun and knife crimes, teenage pregnancy, peer pressure and other family and peer challenges.



Mother and Daughter Bonding

 This session offers a fun, dynamic and fulfilling environment for mums and daughters to enjoy while learning African dance moves in all its forms. We offer you a lively upbeat and mid-tempo rich African traditional music to help develop your sense of rhythm as you dance with other groups. We can assure you of an atmosphere for building and enhancing mother and daughter relationships whilst developing greater body awareness and building up your emotional strength. There is no limitation on the amount of calories you can burn while you have fun with us.

'Come and have a taste of Africa at its best’.

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FREE SESSION - When you purchase up to 10 sessions

£14.99 / session

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This session offers a fun, dynamic dance and fitness session for kids, youths and adults. A way of securing the future of our beautiful cultural dance and heritage through our children and next generation, whilst providing an environment where other culture can join in to gain a better understanding of the rich African culture and tradition. We aim to use these sessions to empowers young people to participate in transforming their future through the development of their inner skills and to keep them off the streets while learning new skills, making new friends and having fun!

See Terms and Conditions

FREE SESSION - When you purchase up to 10 sessions

£14.99 / session

Health Benefits

There is growing scientific evidence which supports enormous health benefits associated with dancing in a group, not just in night clubs. Recent studies have conclusively found that regular dancers have lower blood pressure, heart rate, weight, blood sugar level, the list goes on, and even raised pain tolerance. There are also evidence which show positive results in the treatment of dementia and Parkinson’s. Music-based therapy is now being used for supporting children with autism and ADHD. 

Relationship & Bonding

It also encouraged people to feel closer to others. When partners or families dance together, it goes without saying that they spend more time together. Spending extra time together in an engaging activity is a much than watching TV or staring at your phones. By sharing that time learning something fun together, you are able to reconnect and rekindle that closeness. 


Speaking of being on the same page, dancing can also improve you and your buddy’s communication. Dancing requires two or more people to move as one, and this requires a great degree of both verbal and nonverbal communication. You will be amazed at how easily these new communication skills translate to the world outside of the dance studio. Communication is vital to any healthy relationship, and being able to effectively communicate with each other can help you and your partner avoid a lot of problems down the road. 

And More...

  • Spend more time together with family and friend in a dynamic environment
  • Learn new things about family and new friend you will meet at the sessions
  • Learn to wind down and recuperate psychologically after so many hours at work or school.