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Amazin Ijeoma is a dance and music minister, coach, young people’s mentor, psychotherapist and counsellor. She has over 15 years of experience in the housing sector and is currently an ASB specialist. She is the author of The Maze, A Self Rediscovery Guide and has released many songs. She is married to Paul, and they are blessed with four beautiful children.is, donec nec tempus in volutpat iaculis pellentesque in urna.

Amazin is the founder of Dance4Health Wellness (African Approach To Fitness), a Bridal Trad Dance coaching consultation outfit, Mum&Bae Family Brand & Bonding Strategy, Oasis Of Calm, & Overcomers Place Of Healing Counselling and Therapy support services. She is an Overcomer, innovator and qualified mental health first aider and advocate.

I am an overcomer. Nwachinemere

Amazin Ijeoma

Books by Amazin Ijeoma

Amazin Ijeoma Publication – Self-Rediscovery Guides & Therapeutic Approach To Wellness

Beautifully Broken

A Self-Rediscovery Guide

A Golden Repair

Amazin Ijeoma speaks

“I was crippled by the words and assumptions of people who thought they knew me better than I knew myself. I cringed at the abundance of the thoughts they nurtured, which found expression through their actions. I succumbed to their analogies, not knowing that my essence and core were being erased as the day passed.”

“I became a prisoner in my chambers, but life has taught me other ways to care for myself. Instead of being bitter, I chose to be better in the same area, leading to my pain and rejection. I’ve realised that not all downfalls lead to disgrace. Some falls are propellers to heights you wouldn’t have reached even if you tried your hardest. Experience is the new foundation. We build on and with what we know.”


“Writing has become my expression tool and ventilation strategy. This book, “Beautifully Broken, A Golden Repair,” reveals my chosen path and journey to the new me. I’m no longer who I used to be, becoming the desired version of my true self daily. I’m back up because I didn’t back down. I changed the narrative, which is how I want my story told. Beautifully Broken, A Golden Repair.”

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