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Amazepaul Production is an umbrella for Amazin Ijeoma’s music, Dance4wellness wellness, mentorship, counselling and support suite.

Amazin Ijeoma is a UK-based recording artist, singer/songwriter, and Gospel Music and African dance Minister. She also serves as a housing professional and ASB Specialist within the housing sector. Beyond her musical talents, Amazin is an author, accredited Psychotherapist, counsellor, and a dedicated mentor and life coach for young people. Her passion extends to well-being advocacy.

Married to Architect Paul Nweze, the couple is blessed with four children: Princess Zina, Benny, Divine Daniel, and Paul Jr.

Amazin is the visionary Founder behind Dance4Health Wellness, an African Approach to Fitness, and the innovative Mum&Bae family bonding strategy, known as “The Family Brand.” This wellness initiative emerged from her adversity, and it includes a specialized Traditional bridal dance suite catering to Igbo African Brides in the diaspora.

Furthermore, Amazin established the Overcomers’ Place of Healing support network, offering counselling, mentorship, and coaching sessions for individuals facing life’s challenges. She provides spiritual guidance and support to those on a self-re-discovery journey and seeking deeper relationships with God.

In her role as a Psychotherapist and Counsellor, Amazin offers compassionate support to individuals from diverse backgrounds and faith groups, providing a soft landing, shoulder leading, and hand-holding assistance throughout their individual experiences.

Our Commitment

We champion continual progress for our clients by offering availability and professional services to help them reach their desired goals.

As a versatile artist, traditional dancer, actress, and dance coach, Amazin is celebrated for her unique style encompassing African praise, prophetic worship, and contemporary, and gospel reggae genres, infused with African traditional dances

In 2017, Amazin’ released her first book, “The Maze,” a Self-Re-Discovery Guide. In 2023, she unveiled “The Maze 2, Beautifully Broken – A Golden Repair & Therapeutic Guide to Wellness.” These epistles encapsulate real-life experiences which Amazin endured to come out even brighter.

Like grapes being pressed for the creation of wine and olives being crushed to extract oil, Amazin underwent pruning to reveal her essence and enrich her surroundings. Her dance and wise guidance now emanate like the fragrance of a crushed rose, permeating the universe.


Passion, Urgency, Inclusion, Empathy, Responsibility, Commitment, Integrity, Competence, Spirituality, Accountability, Impact

Our Vision

Our Vision

To advocate for mind, body, soul, and spirit wholeness to our clients. Minimize the impact of trauma and early years experiences through early intervention support, counselling, therapy and self-care

Our Mission

Our Mission

We help our clients ease every stress associated with their life’s journeys: by offering music, dance and a calm to express. This is an enabling environment, shoulder leading, hand holding and soft-landing therapeutic experience, clients can be assured of trusted confidants all through their counselling experience Encourage all to take charge of their well-being by deeply caring and being compassionate towards self - It’s not fish, it’s care. Self-care is not Selfish!

Amazin currently runs her Overcomers’ Oasis of Calm consultation and Counselling Practice remotely, where she provides the following;

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